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Welcome to Room 11 at Sonoma Charter School, a room filled with
learning, laughter and love. I am excited to be a part of our new two
year developmental Kindergarten through First grade program!
I bring my passion for the Montessori philosophy to our classroom each
and every day. Maria Montessori believed in honoring the development
of each child as unique and different, believing that each child’s
potential will unfold just as it should when in the presence of
supportive adults and an engaging environment. Hence, our
developmental Kindergarten program is a natural extension of the
philosophy by which we educate our students.
My goal for this year, and every year, is to create a community where
each child’s challenges are recognized and supported while their gifts
are honored and celebrated.
I look forward to working in partnership with our Room 11 families and
all of the support staff that helps us in so, so many ways.

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