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This will be my 22nd year at Sonoma Charter School, and  I've enjoyed every minute. I came to SCS from Nebraska, where I taught and coached teachers for several years.  I've always appreciated the opportunities SCS has provided for teachers and students to be seen and recognized as individuals, with unique outlooks and skills.  

I am currently teaching 3rd grade, after teaching a 2nd/3rd grade mixed age classroom for many years.  I'm enthusiastic about being able to focus on one grade level this year, especially with our new reading and math curriculum.  I firmly believe that we are transforming ourselves as a learning community here at Sonoma Charter School, and I'm excited and thankful to be a part of this dynamic process.

This year in Room 12, we've decided that the two reasons we are here at school are:  

1.  To learn

2.  To become part of a community

Our academic and social growth will be guided by these two goals, and we will be learning through a combination of individual conferencing and projects, and small group and whole group experiences.

I invite you to visit us whenever you feel you have something to contribute to our classroom community.  You can contact me through my school email: jmoses@scs.k12.ca.us.

I'm looking forward to many discoveries as this year unfolds.

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